Rollback: Tallinn 1993 is the amusing story of a young man trying to make it in the big city - Tallinn. 

What? Well, it's big by Estonian standards!

Created during the first week of August 2020 for Brackey's Game Jam 2020.2.

Known bugs (unfortunately we can't update it while the jam voting is ongoing)

  • Scene transitions can break the scaling if in fullscreen - usually be fixed by toggling fullscreen.
  • If you try playing again after finishing the game, you'll repeat the last day again - a refresh should do the trick and help you experience the magic again.


Download 29 MB

Install instructions

Web: a regular Unity build, it should just workIf you are having issues, give the desktop version a shot.

Desktop version: the standard Unity export: unzip and play!

Development log

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